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Didn't mean to offend by asking! I just usually ask because I like the compact factor a lot better.

I didn't know most units weren't remaining faithful to the tone of their rack brethren.
On this one, I did like on my FAIRCHILD 670 mkII, I used exactly the same ingredients, and even managed to get a stock of original input transformers with the lovely shinny lamination full of nickel, the result is outstanding, and the stereo image is unbelievable, nothing you could ever get with a computer emulation and good digital clocking...
I will work on a lot of new 500 format exciting units after Christmas, and will look into cooking a hybrid version at some point, but will only do if people show some real interest in it and show me the money too. I am happy to design anything, as long as there is an order at the end. Just let me know.

Happy Christmas!


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