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OK, I have heard back from Guosheng in reference to the different capacitors being used in the "D" variants...according to him, this is actually a more expensive and higher-grade capacitor than the polystyrene used in the basic cardioid-only Warbler is part of the upgraded design of the multi-pattern "D" variants...for the time-being this is the format by which those two designs will proceed, in terms of that particular component...

Guosheng also wanted to address his capsule are his thoughts:
"I'm a capsule man. So at 3U Audio we use differently tuned capsules to create different sounding microphones. A customer asked me, why does the Teal CM-1 (SMD and transformer-less design) sounds so similar to his Stellar CM-5 (tube and transformer design). I said, the difference is in the capsule.

Take the Warbler MKIV and GZ251fet mics for example. Looks like the same C12-style capsule used in the Warbler MKIII, but very different sounding.

Some people rely on circuitry (including components) to get a particular voicing because they do not have the choice to actually tune the preferred sound from the capsule. Since our circuits are not clones of any particular classic design, we achieve those classic voicings via special tuning of our capsules."