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Originally Posted by kidvybes View Post
.. Guosheng tuned a special K67 capsule variant for this particular microphone...

...this is how he describes the voicing options on the new MKVI:
V1 - This is the brightest setting, with the intent of offering C800g-like presence.
V2 - This setting is a brighter voicing of the MKI, possibly more U87Ai-like.
V3 - This setting would be closest to the MKI in voice position 1. the MKVI is essentially the brighter variant of the MKI (or the MKI is darker MKVI version)...Guosheng explained that tuning the mic to offer a brighter voicing while at the same time avoiding any of the harshness associated with typical "bright" LDC microphones was the real task at hand and took much effort...

...he also decided to stay with the overall look of the MKID (all the 3U Audio variants that employ a K67-style capsule will retain the new angled head-basket.
Given this information, this is going to change my future purchase from a pair of MkIIIDs to one, and an additional purchase of this new MkVID.

That's actually a relief from a budget standpoint, and a certain enthusiastic anticipation of this new variant.

After testing these MkIDs a bit, there are definite plans for them, used as a pair. I now 'get' what you folks who owned them before I did were talking about.
My ear was telling me certain things after listening to the clips upthread, but until I had them hooked up, and had a chance to 'work' them using my voice and other dynamic instruments, I was only speculating...

So this is great news overall, because after getting my hands on the two GZ mics I just listed, there are only a few more mics I need to complete my 'palette of voicings' .. Namely the Stellars when they come out.
That leaves the only other one, and I strongly suspect that I'm going to need to break out the soldering iron for that one... ...