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Old 27th February 2007
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I just mixed this album last summer at Avatar Studios in NYC. Amos, Barry McGuire the producer and Eli Wolf from Blue note all specified that the record sound organic and not hyped up. And they really wanted Amos front and center.

Given that is my natural inclination it was a fairly straight forward mix, the production was excellent and Amos is a great writer and performer. I tried to stay out of the way as much as I could but also help bring real focus to the songs. It was mixed in studio b at Avatar, on the J Series SSL to half inch. All the drums are essentially dry with one exception. I tried to bring out the natural ambience by using different kinds of compression, Neve 33609, Distressors, and C4 Multiband compressor.

Amos has a distaste for overly bright sounding vocals and tracks so I used a Neve 1064 A for the resonance and the Millennia NSEQ2 for the air. A Manly VU compressor was utilized for controlling the peaks. Playback was from ProTools HD.

I love this record myself.