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Old 25th November 2015
Yepp, Looks like you're right about the optional transformer only going in the mic input. not sure, but looks like it on the schematics.

I also use outboard pre`s and go line in from tape. Would be nice to have the line ins fitted with some transformers though..

I just got a Soundcraft mh3, i did a few rough mixes on it, but so far i can`t say i`m in love.

In comparison, the DDA (Q2) is more punchy and still "soft and warm" sounding. It has mojo in my ears while the MH3 is more modern, clean and kind of "flat sounding". just my opinion about that.

My plan with the soundcraft was to install Lundahl 1527 trafo`s. I installed one, but it didn't blow my mind. Maybe on eight channels it would make more difference?
Its mainly kick and snare that i think is lacking punch (compared to the Q2). I`m one of those who loves to peak the kick and snare a bit, and the soundcraft doesn't do that trick in a very nice way.

If someone knows more about getting the transformers into the line in circuit (in the DDA Q2) i would be happy to hear about that!!

About replacing the caps in the output section, Can you tell me more about that?
I think i`m gonna go back to my DDA, but would be nice to hotrod it a bit, so its gonna be even sweeter coming back!

Doesn't look like it has space to fit any output transformers on the outs, but switching caps for newer and different values for more definition and clarity seems like a good ticket!

Btw, im not very skilled on electronics, so a noob explanation would be great!
PM me if I'm hi jacking the thread with jibberish.