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Understood. At the same time, I don't think AA mics are that bad with the changes Dave has insisted upon, I just think they're too damn expensive.
...I've never implied Dave's mics are bad at all, they are not...actually the ShuaiYin mics, even in their stock OEM form are quite good...but IMHO, 3U Audio has raised the sonic bar, and at the same time, lowered the price of admission...

...FWIW, I believe that Peter Bloch at Stellar has done the best job of all in modifying the OEM ShuaiYin tube mic offerings with his Stellar CM-6...I urge Peter to continue offering a variant of that design...IMHO, there's nothing like the CM-6 in the sub-$1500 price range for a modern, shiny pop-radio sound...

...that said, I am eager to hear Guosheng's C800g-inspired FET variant...

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