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Originally Posted by kidvybes View Post
...yeah, but with more realistic comparisons...those mics come out of the same OEM factory as Advanced Audio...
Understood. At the same time, I don't think AA mics are that bad with the changes Dave has insisted upon, I just think they're too damn expensive. For a 'inspired by' mic... Plain and simple.
Reading old posts here all day, and I see you sited the ECM47 for it's good value on more than one occasion. Being that Stellar is not currently in operation, I'm pondering trying one of the Gauges, seeing that similar mods, like the ones Dave does, are insisted upon by this company.

Originally Posted by haysonics View Post
You are being diplomatic. Gauge has taken a leaf out of Black Lion Audio's book on how to set up dodgy comparisons. Forget the reverb, its when you hear the same capsule distortion on two different mics at the same moment that gives it away. And I don't mean the singer getting loud and overloading all the mics on the same note, I mean the distortion itself sounds identical.
Call me crazy Hay, but did you read the conditions under which the clips were recorded? An ART Tube MP? That very well may be the source of the 'identical distortion' that you hear.

Again, with both of my quotes from you guys, I'm just pondering.
My mamma once told me that it doesn't hurt to ask...
BTW there is a difference between all of the clips on the Gauge site, I downloaded and listened to all of them in my DAW...

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