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Old 21st November 2015
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I use a laptop about 75% of the time and with the current promotion you get a satillite for free, which would allow me to just use that on the go if I don't need to listen back through monitors. I've demo'd a bunch of the plugins through a friends system (A7x, RME UFX, treated and floating room) and heard some really really good things.

After sleeping on it I think this is something I'll make the jump on. The extra power from the satillite is just an added treat.

On another note then, is the quad a substantial enough jump in power over the duo? Given that it will include a quad satillite, I'm basically deciding between 6 and 8 cards. As guys that use the software, do you notice ever hitting the limit? I normally work on more indie rock style stuff with track counts hovering around 40+.