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I haven't compared a Saffire and Apollo head to head, but I'm sure they sound pretty similar and both are great. What brought me to the UAD stuff is the plug-ins and ability to record with them without any delay. As a guitar player, being able to fire up a great amp like the Marshall or Chandler and add all the delay and reverb I want has been a dream come true. I'm coming a lot closer to the analog vibe I've been after for years.
Yeah, the UAD plugins are great. I'm a guitarist myself, though, and never had any delay problems DI'ing my electric guitar with native plugins such as Amplitube or Guitar Rig. There is a delay, but it's so short that it's unnoticeable in practice.

Also I don't like the concept of closed, proprietary systems and plugins that ONLY run on those systems. You can neither use UAD plugins on the go (because you might not have an Apollo around), nor can UA's shark CPUs be used for anything other than running UAD plugins (as opposed to investing the money in a faster CPU for your desktop instead, for example, and that CPU power can be used for anything, not just for plugins).