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Old 21st November 2015
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I already know you'll get dozens of replies saying that the Apollo's preamps and converters are so much better, bla bla...

Let me just say this.

I have a client for whom I recorded and mixed a lot of songs, some of which we recorded through a Saffire 24, some through an Apollo. It just happened because sometimes we didn't have the Apollo where we were recording. There is no audible quality difference between any of those songs. They all sound amazing.

The lesson learned for me was: If there is a difference in quality between the two interfaces, then still nobody's going to be able to tell later on. At least not if you're a good engineer.

I think the Saffire did a great job and whatever the difference between the two interfaces, it wasn't relevant for our work. Underrated interface in my opinion.

I know this has been said a lot in this forum, but it hasn't been said often enough: What matters are your skills, not the plugins or hardware you work with.

If you're craving a new interface (because we all just love gear), then go for it. But there won't be a noticeable quality boost in your recordings other than the imaginary difference you'll persuade yourself to notice in order to justify the investment