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Old 21st November 2015
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From Sapphire to Apollo

Hey Guys,

Opportunity has come up with a great deal on an apollo-8, especially now with the included satillite. Currently have a saffire pro 40 that I have had absolutely no problem with through the years. I've always been a fan of the UAD stuff and the plugins are a big draw for me, having relied mainly on the slate plugins for my analog flavour.

I've been running the saffire into thunderbolt through adaptors which is officially supported by focusrite so no problems there, but I've been wanting to upgrade to a thunderbolt interface for a while. Anyone have experience with the newer apollo-8, is it a solid interface that I can use forever? (or until I get the itch again)

Money aside, is this going to be a substantial upgrade in more than just access to UAD plugins? How are the pres compared to the saffire? Headphone outputs plenty hot? (I use R70x and 7506)


*Also I just realized I wrote sapphire, been a long day