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Originally Posted by microphonefolk View Post
Hi Ragan, not sure what you mean by OEM???

Just trying to keep you guys in the loop about what some of the professionals are using in major studios around the world LOL!!!

Cheers, Dave
Dave, Ragan was referring to products that are stock "off-the-shelf" (Original Equipment Manufacturer) designs that are re-branded by numerous retailers under different model designations (even those that are mildly modified to attempt to make proprietary designs of them)...

Products like ShuaiYin's SYT-1101, or SYT-6001, or SYT-5...but you already know that...

3U Audio does not sell "OEM" or any "off-the-shelf" stock microphone models, as does Alctron, ShuaiYin, Ningbo TongXin and other Chinese manufacturers...all of the CM-series, Warbler-series and GZ-series microphones are proprietary designs...and 3U Audio does not sell their capsules to the DIY community, as does ShyaiYin and Ningbo TongXin...

Just setting the record straight...and thanks for the history lesson!