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Separate Sans Amps (what they now sell as the 'Classic' model) were used on the bass DI, kick drum, and snare drum. Sure Level Loc on a single Senn.441 stuck in the middle of the kit. SpectraSonic 610's mixed into the OH Neuman KU100 clean signal. Mechanical filters, used on some tracks, comprised of a Sure 57 jammed into a Digeridoo or suitable pipe, pointed at the SN from two feet in front of the kit. Also had an Ahuja vocal mic (East Indian 58) over the kit being sent to an old Teisco 360 guitar amp, in the room behind Dave, sometimes with the tremelo on. Piano was recorded with a Neuman KU100 + 3 AKG 451's, a bit of EQ, no other treatment.
Mostly Neve1073 pre's on drums, bass=SSL G, Piano=vint. API pre w/550a eq +SSL G's on the 451's.
Mixed on SSL G with an Al Smart C1 across the stereo buss.
Hope this helps.

Thanks so much for responding!