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Old 20th November 2015
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From what I understand the mk1 is the most mid-forward mic, modeled after the u87. I wouldn't say it's identical to the u87 but shares characteristics. In fact some people are saying they like the mk1 over the u87. Once I get more experience with mine I'll let you know what I think as far as that region goes. But right off the bat I'm loving it. I use mine primarily for hiphop vocals and have a bit of a throaty voice (think future). A friend of mine also sounds very good on it and he's quite a bit punchier and more nasally (think Eminem). I think it's a mic designed to be great on all sources, but not excel on just one just like a u87 would. The IV from what I understand is a bit smoother and more tamed while still having some airy-ness that isn't harsh. I believe it's designed to share characteristics with a c12. Both of these mics are an incredible value and would be worth trying out. More clips will surely surface in the next few weeks comparing the warbler mics I'm sure. A lot of people are jumping on them now, and for good reason.