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What would you be recording with these? And through what pre/comp/etc? I'll be a few days on my voice clips as I'm helping a friend build a small home studio but when I get the time I'll be sure to post them. My 414 is also going to eBay/Craigslist now because of the warbler.
I'd be recording vocals, drum OH's, acoustic and electric guitars. Also very likely auxiliary percussion and other various things. I record through a ua solo 610 and focusrite isa two pre and often track through an art pro vla II. I also have a pair of audio technica 4041's for oh and acoustic duties, as well as various shure, ev and akg dynamic mics, but would really like a pair of ldc's. The 414 has been a great utility mic for me, but I do find the sound a little 'vanilla' if you know what I mean, and it is very tempting to be able to replace it with a pair of mics.

My only concern with the mk1 is for my vocals, which can be a little cutting in the 2-3 kHz area if I'm not careful. I have a feeling the IV might suite my voice better, but the mk1 does seem like the most all purpose mic. Quite the predicament haha.