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I don't think of harmonic distortion when I think of a "neutral" mic. I also don't think of any of the 414's I've heard as "dull". A bit unexciting maybe, but the ones I've used have been fairly on the 'bright' side. I don't know that I'd want a mic that made a 414 sound "dull" in comparison... but who am I to say?
I do have my knob on my gap-73 turned just a touch. That may be the distortion I'm hearing. It's not an amount that would make me think the mic is not neutral. It's a mid-high distortion that sounds amazing imo, and I'm sure with the pre bypassed the mic will sound very clean. I have yet to play around with it much since I'm helping a friend build his home studio at the moment. But I will record clips and post them once I have time. When I say the mic sounds neutral to me I mean I don't hear any hyped frequencies. Everything sounds balanced. My akg sounds dull in comparison (scooped in the mids), but also has more sibilance.