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I think I'm finally ready to pull the trigger and order Warbler MK IV. I sent an email to Guosheng yesterday and he replied almost immediately.

I'm just wondering that is MK IV "the mic" for recording also ac. gtr? Better than my Kel HM-7U or HM-3c? (To my ears HM-3 sounds much better than HM-7 on ac. guitar) Or could one of those CM-1's be a good choise? I'm going to sell one or both Kel's anyway (if I'm happy with this/these 3Uaudio mics. Or any other inexpensive mic that would be good for recording acoustic gtr, maybe some SCD?

Any thoughts?
I think the Warbler IV is great for acoustic but I personally prefer the Teal CM-1 by a slight margin. That could be because I'm using 1073s which are already adding some weight.
I've got a KM84 here right now and I've been doing acoustic guitar recording with that and the CM-1. The KM84 is special, as you'd expect, but the CM-1 has some similar sonics, despite being a totally different kind of mic.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll be happy with a CM-1 or a Warbler IV.