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You want dark and intimate, Imperfect Samples Fazioli. It's what I reach for when I'm looking for that exact thing. Love, love, love that library.

I bought mine about nine months ago, no problem. I believe the dev was having health issues a year or two ago, which is where the majority of the non-responsive issues arose. I think he/she/they are back on their game now.

I like Pianoteq for playing - it's easily the most playable and responsive and feels the most like actually playing a piano, but the modeling does leave a bit to be desired for me - at least from a piano sound perspective.

The Giant by NI is also good and I really like the Hammersmith as well. These are both brighter and less moody than the Fazioli.
Thank you!! I really really like the sound of the fazioli, and the Steinway one sounds super similar to that one too. Now I need to make a decision