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Remember: in the hall, you hear a mix of P.A. and the band's backline, plus lots of hall reverberation. On the recording you only hear what the mics hear.
That is why you need to get the signal into the computer as clean as possible. That is, get it out of the FOH desk as soon as possible. Best way would be an active splitter to completely bypass the desk, second best is post-gain and pre-everything-else Direct outs. You should not get out of the FOH to the computer post EQ, Insert, Fader, so Channel output will be, well, inconvenient.
For easier setup/wrap, try to use as many FOH mics as you can without getting a bad sound. You might want to put up a few audience mics or a "main pair" somewhere near FOH desk.
Lots have been written about all this on the Remote Possibilities Forum, and a search may be helpful.