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Just out of curiosity, what 47 variant where you going to build? Or is there only one type, and one way to build it over @ groupdiy?
...there are a few kit variants (Ioaudio MK-47, MK-U47, Poctop D-47, D-EF47, etc) that you can go with from the GDIY forum...add to that the many different capsule/transformer/tube combinations you also have available and the range of variants is quite extensive and costs accelerate quickly......

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BTW I posted the specs and FR chart for GZ's tube 47, and the original (supposed) in my edited post above.
...again, as I addressed earlier, you have to take into consideration that the original U47 (among all of the 50-70's classic tube mics) were designed in an era when recording was done to magnetic tape, where there was measurable loss of top-end response...this is not the case within the current digital how those response charts translate in actual use from back then until now is quite different...

...I believe that Guosheng has taken that into consideration in tuning his mics to retain a more "vintage" voicing that somewhat mimics the reference recordings of that period, not the clinical response charts...I can tell you that after testing quite a few of the newer clones of the U47, most sound much brighter than the representative recordings of the time...add to that the drying out and hardening of the original PVC diaphragms on well-kept vintage 47s which also darken their response quite noticeably, further confusing the issue...

...IMHO, this is one of those cases where taking the original response chart literally might be deceiving...