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Originally Posted by guisquil View Post
Thanks guys for the info I sent him a email. I'm going to build one of the U47s from groupdiy and that is about what it would cost so maybe it would be better to buy it from him already built and with a warranty..... Opinions?
Warranty? What don't trust your own workmanship? j/k
Just out of curiosity, what 47 variant where you going to build? Or is there only one type, and one way to build it over @ groupdiy?

Opinion? ..nobody should be making that decision but you, that's my opinion.
BTW I posted the specs and FR chart for GZ's tube 47, and the original (supposed) in my edited post above.

*edit* take the original FR chart with a grain of salt, and see kidvybes post below. ..was not trying to be deceiving posting that graph...

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