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Old 15th November 2015
Thank you both for your answer.

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Is there anything you could have done that would have contributed to this? I am not interested in establishing blame. What would be nice is finding a possible glitch to help solve the problem. Good luck.
No, nothing. I followed the manual instruction as I did with the previous firmware updates. The unit was placed on the ground and I let the process unfold without touching anything, while I was doing something else.

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It is a tough one. Normally when this happens it is because the new firmware is corrupt or did not finish installing because the machine or the power got turned off before the update completed. Have you tried Marantz tech support?

Best of luck and let us know how things are progressing. What a bummer.
I did all I could with Marantz tech support. They're unable to help technically and unwilling to help financially (by selling a new unit at cost price or a replacement PCB at a competitive price). They refuse to question the reliability of this firmware update and to acknowledge any responsibility with this.