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Originally Posted by Saxnscratch View Post
Also, it could be cool to have some feedback from users about how easy it is to keep the unit in good shape.
Like how expensive the tube are ? Does it need service often.
Those kind of question which also matters in term of daily use.

Like what about the KNIF Pure Mu ?
How expensive are new tubes and when do you need to change them ? (I'm quite new in the tube world)
For a tube device you need to let it warm before use, like 30 minutes at least. Thats super important if you want your tubes to last long. I'm use to let the chain warm up nicely while I do all the usual morning thing (shower breakfast coffee etc ^^), and this for almost 1 hour.

Now I'm on the process to change all the tubes on my Manley V mu. Today's tube production (not NOS) usually vari from 15 bucks to around 40 bucks a tube. Usually. Now I'm going full NOS (Sylvania Gold Brand) and this can be up to 4 time that price. I've already changed the Input and Output tubes and its pure bliss