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The thing about CA's installer is that it contains all the customer details (full name, address, phone number) which will be displayed when you first open the plugin. I don't know where and how this data is embedded, and so I don't want to take a risk of sharing the installer. I am sorry.

However, you have the Alchemy Full 1.55 package - and this can be opened using 7zip as well. You can manually copy the contained files, the .dll and the resource files. You place the .dll in your usual plugin folder, and then place the resource files in the directory you want to keep all your libraries. You should be able to point to the resource files from "Change DATA folder" you will find in Alchemy's "file" menu. Maybe that'll work?

Originally Posted by the_apprentice View Post
The Alchemy installer is a custom installer unique to each user. There's no way to install it otherwise.
Did you not get the emails warning you that Camel Audio is shutting down? Always backup your stuff and make sure this stuff is safe!!
To be fair, if you have chosen to download everything, you would have received all the files in ".CamelSounds" format, which obviously won't open normally when you move to a new system. I am pretty sure there will be a lot of people going, "WTF? I thought I've downloaded everything?" over time. If you are shutting down, you don't hand out the installer that won't even unpack normally.