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500 Series PYE

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Any chance for a 500 series version?
If you open a mono PYE compressor, you will find 3 big transformers, that's a total of 6 in my stereo version. I would probably need 4 or 5 unit space to do a stereo version... Plus, to my knowledge, there is no -24volts in the 500 format and I woundn't use any switch mode methods in a PYE for obvious reasons...
So, unless I get rid of all the good stuff that allows to make all the difference in audio, use cheap horrible nasty surface mount components like everybody else does, sell a "badge" to people that has actually nothing to do with the original, like the new Helios stuff for exemple, I cannot see it happen...
I would have to advertise that this is the cheap nasty version with no amazing stereo image, no transformers, and that it has nothing to do with the original...
How much are you prepared to pay for that version ?
£10 quid, £250, £500 or £1000 ?
Hum... I'll have to think about that one... I prefer to sell one proper unit per month, rather than 10 a week that are ****e in a 500 format, selling a big lie to my customers.
Have a nice day.