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Mastering Compressor Comparison (Audio Samples)

Files here: [!InggRS4K!ztYVoN9G7H46yqF7TBYlOw]Mastering Compressor Comparison[/URL]

The compressors include:

ADT Audio
Airfield Liminator
API 2500
Buzz DBC
Buzz Essence
Buzz SOC 1.1
Buzz SOC 2.0
Chandler Germanium
Crane Song STC8
Dangerous Compressor
Dave Hills Titans
Dramastic Obsidian
Electronaut M97
Elysia Alpha
Elysia Expressor
elysia mpressor
Fairman TMC
Fairman TSC
Focusrite RED3
GML 8900
Greg Hanks Design BA-660
Gyraf G22
Hcl Varis
Hcl Varis Blueface
IGS Multicore
IGS Tubecore
Knif Pure Mu
Knif Vari Mu II
Kush Tweakers
Manley SLAM
Manley Vari Mu
Mercury 66
Neve MBP
Pendulum ES-8
Pomchild 670
QES Variable Gm
Rockruepel CompOne
Rockruepel CompTwo
Shadow Hills Dual Vandagraph
Sknote Leso
Thermionic Culture Phoenix
Vertigo VSC-2



The missing link in my analogue chain is a Vari Mu (or perhaps Opto) style compressor. There are several pieces that I am interested in hearing and it is difficult for me to get demos to my part of the world. This is where you come in.

I was hoping that some of you might be kind enough to run some audio through some gear for me. I have 3 audio clips that some of my clients have generously allowed me to use for this. At this stage I have only sought permission to send/receive the clips privately, but if there is enough interest, I am willing to approach these clients for permission to post the audio samples here in this thread to serve as a reference for everyone. [EDIT: it's now fine to post files directly to the thread]

There are a few compressors that I am particularly interested in and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide samples of these:

Airfield Liminator 2
Gyraf G22 (or G10)
Knif Pure Mu
Fairman TSC
IGS Tubecore 3U

Clips from other pieces are most welcome as well.

Let me know if you are willing to help me out with this and I will PM the files to you. I'm thinking that for the sake of comparison, gentle settings would be best (slow time constants, small amount of GR).

Although a great service to me, I'm hoping this will be a useful resource and interesting source of discussion for the broader community as well.

Much appreciated!


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