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Pye Compressor...Reborn!!!!


Thought you guys might be interested to check out the new Pom "Pye" Compressor. This unit is the result of a collaboration between Pierre Oliver-Margerand at Pom Audio and George Apsion at Kore Recording Studios.

It is a recreation of the famed Pye hardware Compressor from the 60's, featuring some new enhancements for modern music production. These include:

- Adjustable Output control
- Side-chain filtering
- New controls for attack
- Stereo link facility

Kore is the first studio to own one of these compressors and we honestly cant say enough good things. The uniqueness of the Pulse Width Modulation circuit makes it unlike any other compressor we own. It is particularly stunning on the mix buss, with a gorgeous stereo image and also untouchable on drum rooms. Really a great all round compressor with an incredible lineage.

You can check out some audio of the unit in action here:

Kore Studios - Equipment

For further info please visit: POMPYE
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