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Currently the m905 won't allow for sending ADAT out the digital output and monitoring the AES input, but we could probably make a custom firmware for you that will fix the digital output to ADAT and allow monitoring the AES input.
You could also configure the second ADAT out on the RME to be optical S/PDIF so you can go in to the Toslink input on the m905, set the digital out for toslink, then monitor the Dirac on AES. You could also go AES out of the RME into AES1 on the m905, set the digi out for AES1, then connect the Dirac to AES2 and monitor that way also.
Hopefully that helps!
Holy cow! The custom firmware option sounds amazing, no pun intended.

Unfortunately, the UFX effectively has only one digital output, not including the ADAT. The optical S/PDIF and the AES mirror each other. I want to use the UFX AES in and out for analog processing with a high-quality DA-AD unit, which leaves only the ADAT out for monitoring. Of course, another option is to use the ADAT in-out for a high-quality DA-AD unit, such as a Prism Lyra 2 which has a second DAC for monitoring, and then I could use a stock M905 or possibly an M905 Analog.

What should I do to get the ball rolling on investigating the custom firmware option? Unfortunately, I'm in Toronto (Canada), which means I might as well be in outer Mongolia as far as high-end audio, plus the Canadian dollar has a value just under that of Monopoly money. Should I deal directly with Grace Design or go through the Canadian distributor, which I believe is Studio Economik in Montreal?