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Old 3rd November 2015
Here for the gear

MARTIAUDIO Booster barrel vs cloudlifter vs fethead

I ordered from this guy. I waited and waited, he said he was awaiting parts. Okay, give the guy a break. Finally asked him for a tracking number in which he almost berated me for daring to ask, claiming it was shipped. I asked again for a tracking number and got a rude reply again so I told him I wanted to cancel my order. He told me that it would be months before it would ever be cancelled and all kinds of crap. When I finally got the package in, it was enclosed in a plastic bag issued by Canada Post basically saying 'Sorry, it seems your parcel was opened'. The bag was torn at the corner and that's that.

The only reason his rating is high is because I couldn't be bothered to post anything on ebay. Quite a coincidence that the packing had been torn on that order. I'd never order from that guy again - karma will come his way.

I bought a Cloudlifter - more money but it works great.