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Hey war, have you tested avaa so far? Very interested to hear how this new baby behaves. If you can post extensive details from your listening experience it would be really great.
The demo we did at Flux Studios with Fab, Daniel and the gang was incredible. We actually ended up doing two demos with about 10 to 12 people present at each. One moment you're standing there with bass ringing out forever in your skull, and the next moment it behaves as it should and tightens up with no mud and resonance, just clarity. John Storyk was at our first demo and it was amazing to watch him predict what locations would work best, and then blow us all away with even more amazing results just by moving them.

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Any sort of BUY 1 GET 3 Free AES Promo on the AVAA?
We are offering bulk buys on AVAA (which our batch 1 is practically sold out at this moment) starting at a quantity of two at this time of writing.