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1. A sequencer, a sampler, some samples and something to play those samples into the sequencer (or you can step sequence notes using a pencil tool in the progam's edit window, it breaks down the bars and measures of individual tracks - you mark when and where you want the note to play.)

2. Audio recorder, sampler, midi keyboard/pads to trigger the sampler and play the sounds into the audio recorder.

I use a korg pad kontrol, a nord lead to play samples. I use mostly #2 these days.

You can get the Korg PK, MPD16/24 and M-audio trigger finger or the Roland SPD xx, DrumKat which have bigger pads. You can also use a keyboard. These trigger Battery via midi or some USB. You just assign the sound to the pad, press record and play. It's really easy so don't worry too much about it, you can do it.

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I know this is a super broad question but I'm interested how you guys are doing it. A buddy wants to start recording a Postal Service-esque project with me just for kicks whenever we have free nights. He ordered Komplete and should be getting it within a few days or so...I know it comes with Battery but I have no experience with it. We both have some basic knowledge of drumming, but no experience doing electronc stuff.