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Ok, the B30 has been left aside for a while so I'm back to it. I didn't make it work for more than one year, that's bad. The idler didn't work smoothly, it was hard to have it go back to rest position. I just had to clean the piston, the grease was dry, everything's ok then. Good news, the hum is gone :-)

So I made a new alignment tour, adjusting heads, playback, bias and record. I had to manage something in between as with regular setup I had a boost beyond 7/8kHz and a 1dB loss from 2 to 6 kHz. Result was recorded material was nice but darker than original one.

Changing bias a bit and adjusting hi freqs was the right thing. The machine sounds amazing now, particularly on voice, delightful! It sounds warm and creamy, I intend to use it with the Clasp to record voice soon.

Apart from that, the 7.5ips light bulb is dead. Nothing serious indeed but I just wonder how I could find any replacement bulb. It's a bulb inserted in a bakelite support with a flat metal contact to be inserted in the connector. Didn't find anything accurate on the web. I tried with a standard new bulb, it works but the bulb is too long, no space enough for it...
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