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Here for the gear

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I haven't yet tried the headphones ("yet" being the operative word) but we use a few of the iSK mics in our studio and can vouch for their quality and value...currently we use the "2B Beauty" (tube condenser microphone), the "Little Gem" (SDC with interchangeable capsules), the "Pearl" cardioid SDC mic, and the DM-57 (SM57 style dynamic)...they all clearly perform above their weight (cost) class and their build quality is quite impressive...the 2B Beauty delivers a nicely balanced classic tube-mic vibe, without any of the typical edgy or bitey top-end common to mics in this price class...very smooth with nice mid-presence and works equally well on both male and female voices...a look under the hood reveals a classic simple plate-follower circuit employing nice German red WIMA caps, dual-bobbin transformer-coupled output and one of the newer, premium-grade Psvane dual-triode tubes...and the 34mm K67 capsule is a familiar one (same source as being currently implemented by much of the mic-modding community)...

IMHO, these mics offer more bang-for-the-buck than similar offerings from the big-box stores...they look good, sound real good and cost less than comparable products from the more familiar China-sourced brands...while popular in Europe and Australia for years, the iSK brand has had little exposure in North these prices, I suspect that will soon change...

Now, about those headphones...

What would you say that they were comparable too? Mic wise? Say the starlight for example