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Yes curretly Reverse Thread is the most direct way of reaching me through Paul Dalen.
My own site is active and just a another way of contacting me.

eSession is a interent collaberation application that will launch in April. It allows potential clients to search a database of musicians, engineers with a view to hiring them. It's a web environment that handles work requests, audition materials, negotiating fees and a secure workspace called the "songpage" that is an easy intuitive "drag and drop" FTP. The site will also handle all the financial transactions and allow users to store all their past and current projects on the servers.

Other utilities will include a plug in that allows for real time interactive sessions regardless of geography or platform. Its a very exciting venture and one that I have been involved in for the last two plus years.

Kevin this sounds very interesting.

This could change alot of how the recording industry works IMO.