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Piggybacking on this, does anyone have any recommendations for truly good preset banks for softsynths like Omnisphere (2), Bazille, Serum, Synthmaster etc that are designed for film, trailer etc scores? Of course there is always "genre overlap", and sounds can be used in many ways (and of course tweaked to your liking), but oftentimes when looking for a sound to start from, you have to wade through lots of patches clearly aimed at the "EDM" crowd, with hoovers and such. As I'm not really a synth wizard myself (though of course playing arond sometimes yields nice results), using/tweaking presets are such a huge help and time-saver if they're the right kind.

For reference, the kind of sounds that I'm looking for could be found in 80's horror/sci-fi films (dark basses, cool pluck and key type sounds) and more modern counterparts, such as the music in Mass Effect, also some 80'/90's industrial style stuff. I'm both interested in the vintage style sounds and more sleek modern sounds that still draw from the vintage style ones.
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