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Can you contrast the NPNG NW with the Uberlux?
Hey Woodywindy, nice challenge with your original post

I can help with this one,

The Uberlux Mod on the NPNG uses the larger 4 winding-Quadfilar Jensen Transformer, [which makes the boards look like Arnold Schwarzenegger is sittin' on the PCB's..] compared to the NW Stock channels, this Larger Transformer setup has a lot more weight and silk to it, while still offering the clarity and focus that NPNG is known for. The "Uberlux" exudes a "brawn" and the low end height is startling to my ears! It stands up the tallest out of any Solid State Mic Preamp I have ever heard. Its like the audio equivalent to a Red Oak tree.

And I thought the Stock channels sounding "big". !?! Karl really blew me away with these preamps so I told him to name it the Uberlux, ha! It is for sure the "biggest" sounding iteration of the NPNG, to my ears anyway. So to contrast that sound, the Stock channels are the most neutral, and do not impart as much "weight" or top end silk. The Uber gives the source more "velvet", and the bottom end is up slightly so it has a more dense approach. The midrange is very "neat" so overly warm signals just sits in the mix with no need to do anything. I think that the top end on the Uber is softer sounding. Its "richer" sounding. It has a transformer top end air around the sound. It makes you get up out of your chair.

The Stock NW just sounds exactly like my mics and stays absolutely true to the source. This is one of my favorite preamps for Acoustic instruments. No, I take that back. It IS my favorite for acoustic instruments. The Stock Jensen Transformers that Karl uses are very clean and don't start to affect the signal until the source is very loud. It is completely faithful-accurate but forgiving in the right ways. It is BIG and SOLID but not as weighted and soft. I love my NPNG preamp compared to the others I have around here and I am salivating to put another two channels into it. I bet they will be Uber's.

Hope this helps out,

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