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Peter recorded the tracks mostly by himself and some friends in LA. I was originally considered for producing the debut East Mountain South album that Mitchell Froome eventually did. Peter and I kept in touch , so he just sent me the tracks via DVD's and we would talk a specific direction on the mix and I would post it up on a FTP server when i felt it was close.

There would be a round of revisions and sometimes Peter would get inspired to re sing or replay or add a part. Those were incorporated into the final EP. I think he is a really talented writer who is just begining to finf his voice. I enjoyed working with him very much, one day we will actually be in the same room !!!

Interesting story. I am a huge Eastmountain South fan and its sad that they split up. Their harmony's and vocal styling are just unmatched. It would have been an amazing album to produce. His new work is also great and I have to agree, I think he is finding his voice more everyday. I guess thats the beauty of the internet. You can be a country apart or a world for that matter and still make amazing music together.

Great job on the record. Its just beautiful, and I hope you can work together on a full production. The results would be stunning.

Thanks again,
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