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Old 21st February 2007
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Ron and Mojo

Two album projects done in the box are

Duncan Sheik's "White Limousine" on Rounder Records
Iarla leonard's "Invisible Sun" on Real World Records

The new Paula Cole album was also mixed in the box, due out in June 07.

In terms of my approach specifically ITB that is different from a regular console. One of The main issues is just the limitations of your systems processing so i try to maximize its efficiency by creating subgroups for
Drums & Percussion

I may create some smaller subsets. On these subgroups I will apply my eq and compression plug ins, almost a mastering approach to the elements. These are routed to a master aux and then to a master fader to a destination track within the session.

If any track needs specific attention, then apply the approriate plug ins. This way I initially minimise the amount of processing used ( I always employ delay compensation) and I get to hear a more broad mix before delving into all the detail stuff.

Therefore my final master mixes with all of its variations will be printed back into the multi track version of the song. Once completed I save the session and then delete all the audio minus the printed mix tracks and remove the audio from the audio bin. I then do a "save as" version of the title...."title KK Mix Stems". This contains only the master mixes but its a sample accurate image of the multi track and this can be useful later in mastering should a problem arise.

Hope this helps