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Hi Kevin!

Just wondering what was your approach to recording the different kinds of bagpipes (Scottish, Irish different kinds of loudness/sound) and accordions... Difficult, delicate-to-capture instruments.
Sorry I answered this one on Sunday but apparently the web gods got ticked off, so please excuse this tardy response.

In general I will rely heavily on the musicians experience first, particularly if its an instrument that I have no history with. Then I will spend a few minutes discussing the perculiarities and listening to the instrument in the room.

With Irish pipes I tend to gravitate to the larger diaphram mics (47.87, 67 M49, sometimes Ribbon mics) With uillean pipes you have to mic the drone and the chanter separately. It can be a very dynamic instrument so some light compression can be useful. I will get the sound that best reflects what I heard in the room and quickly record a minute of it. I will then have the musician come in and verify if I am "getting it" before expending energy on a take.

I find having the drone mic on hyper cardiod helps focus that sound while leaving the chanter in cardoid helps soften its sharp tone. A room mic in omni can also be useful.