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Old 21st February 2007
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I came into the So record a month after it started (Dave Bascombe who worked with Tears For Fears had done the initial tracking). Because I ended being there for almost 10 months, songs changed dramatically as Peter's and Dan's production evolved. Decisions were made based on the instrumentation during the basic tracks. Then again some of that information was replaced by later sessions and overdubs.

To all of us, the high hats had some much fantastic movement and "sex" associated with them. As the tracks became more and more layered , I tried to get them to sit in a very specific place, almost dancing above the kit. I did infact pan them to the left, maybe at a 9 o clock position, sometimes wider. With Red Rain for instance, we panned the two performances on opposite sides to give a greater sense of motion.

With most of the tracks, careful attention was given to their position and then their eq.
There is also a significant amout of percusion and drum programming added so it was important to be able to separate and blend the parts. For drum tracking I used a Nuemann KM 84 and or AKG 451. The overheads were U87's, sometimes AKG 414's.

The record path was very direct, throught the SSL console with minimal eq. We spent more time trying different cymbal combinations and that in conjunction with the talent of Jerry, Manu and Stewart, it was hard to go wrong.