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Thank you for taking the time to research this. For some reason mine is not working, and LesC, your trouble shooting assessment is correct. I know the Lavry and cable to be fine, so I will contact Grace and see if they can help.

This age old conundrum moving a digital signal from a computer to an AES/EBU interface has been discussed many times. To my knowledge, there is still no USB to AES cable available, like one can buy for MIDI, for example. People have had to use interfaces (Some Avid, MOTU Traveler, that $1500 thing Weiss made, etc.) with AES pass throughs and hopefully the features in those $1,000+ boxes would be relevant to their needs.

For a person who's converters have only AES/EBU inputs (some Lavrys or Forssell for example) a monitor controller with an AES loop through is huge. The M905 digital loop through should follow whatever digital input you assign it to, either following the selected monitoring input or a fixed source if set up to do so. After reading the manual (and because I cannot get mine to work) I am unclear about what happens to the loop through when one switches from a digital to an analog input. Does a digital signal still pass through the M905? If so, it would open up a lot of routing possibilities.
I believe that the way you have it set up, with Loop Source set to Follow DAC Input, if you switch from a digital to an analog input, then the Grace will not pass signal to the loop. If you set Loop Source to Toslink or SPDIF or AES1 or AES2, then the signal will be passed regardless of the input being selected.

Notice that one of the options was NOT USB or ADAT. My plan was to connect ADAT to the Grace, pass through to a MiniDSP Dirac, and connect the MiniDSP output to Grace AES1. This way I could listen without Dirac using a Grace input of ADAT, and listen with Dirac using a Grace input of AES1. That was my plan, but obviously now it won't work, so I'm glad you inspired me to look at this issue more closely. It's too bad that Grace couldn't treat USB and ADAT in the same way as the other digital connections.