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Umm...57's are the best. :0)

But JJ...

Your completely missing the point. My point was do "we" use our ears to judge a mic? Or our eyes based on schematics and such? I've used the M149 and the Ref C. I like them both but think the 149 is a better more versatile mic.

Haven't used any CP mics yet but have heard enough mixes to know its a great vocal mic. I've even been considering adding one to the mic locker for some time.

No disrespect intended but I don't really care about the IC's because when I'm making records I never once gave any thought to a schematic, a capsule or an IC. Either the mic suits the source or it doesn't. Again, maybe your missing the forest for the trees?

P.S. If your just harping on the fact that the 149 is overpriced then I'd agree.
Like I said, I never claimed it's a bad mic, or an unusable mic. It's just a rip off that isn't really what it's marketed as. It's marketed as a "tube mic," which it really isn't, in the true sense of how every single other tube mic works. Hence, my "BS circuit" statement. It's like saying all those TL channels were "tube" because they stuck a 12AX7 after the TL072s.

And as far as the M149 being more versatile, it's because it has maybe the best capsule currently in production: The K47. As I stated in an earlier post, the Ref C certainly has an opinion. Any piece of gear like that is not going to work on everything. Hell, my 251s sound horrible on some sources, but nothing sounds bad on my M49s. But that high mid phase shift from a 251, or even a Ref C, can really make things pop out in a beautiful way that a M49 or M149 can't, and that's when you're glad you have one.