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Hi Trev!

Would you rather run at 96 if it were your own project?

Recently did a session at Rockfield and was surprised that the engineer mentioned that most people were still asking for 44.1 -
by far.

I produced and tracked a project for a band at 96 there, and it sounds great (not necessarily because of 96 though) - seems a 'shame' to spend all that cash hiring a hi end place and sticking with 44.1. This project is going to vinyl too, so I thought it'd be nice to keep it 96khz all the way to mastering, but it seems like it's not very common - I only know my own workflows!

Selfishly, I have an album of my own which I've started at 44.1 and will be tracking all drums at rockfield or similar - and wondering if I should up everything to 96, especially for drums (most other things need retracking anyway)

Cheers :-)


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