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And I must say I am VERY intrigued by the '2B Beauty'---that could be a really nice addition to the mic locker.
Surprisingly good tube-condenser LDC mic at a very reasonable price...we have one in the studio and it flatters quite a few hyped or harsh top-end...very even response...good detail and clarity...nicely built with a single-stage plate-follower circuit featuring German red WIMA capacitors and a nice dual-bobbin output transformer...Kris upgrades these with premium tubes too...this is one of those rare "good-right-out-of-the-box" tube need to mod (same nice 34mm K67 capsule as sold by the popular mod sites) or upgrade anything...and just to give you an idea of just how good Kris' prices are, here's a very similar model that is originating from the very same factory and branded for another line (and Kris upgrades the included tube):

The fact that iSK is the factory's own brand eliminates multiple markups...Kris buys at distributor prices direct from the factory, so that enables him to offer the best possible prices to his clients...and he's a stickler for you stated, he's clearly cherry-picked the entire iSK line, choosing to sell only the best products and at the lowest possible price-points...his business ethic is deserving of our support...I highly recommend Kris and his iSK line...we use quite a few of his mics and now his headphones in our studios...