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I just noticed that some of the mics on their webpage are missing specs such as frequency response. They should remedy that ASAP.
The last time I checked, the "Little Gem" specs were listed on the web site. I had noted the same thing to Kris, whom I had a short conversation with. He immediately added the "Little Gem" specs to the web site. I am guessing that is all the information Kris has at this point. As I understand it, Kris is a 're-seller' of iSK products and probably does not have a lot of detailed information on the polar plots and frequency plots of the microphones.

The testing for that sort of thing is pricy, as I understand it, especially so for a retailer who relies upon quantity of sales. At $40 for a single 'Little Gem' that ships with three capsules, I can't imagine Kris's company is making much money off each sale. Therefore I have a hard time believing iSK Pro Audio will be in a position to have third party scientific testing done on the microphones. It is too bad, as I really do look at that sort of thing to get a clearer idea of what to expect from a microphone.

I can say, from the small interaction Kris and I have had to date, that Kris does indeed evaluate the microphones (and for the concerns of this thread---the headphones) his company sells and only sells the best of what iSK has to offer. If you find your way to the iSK web pages, as opposed to iSK Pro Audio (which is Kris's company) you will see a larger range of products listed. Kris has opted to NOT sell those other products through iSK Pro Audio---as he said (and I paraphrase) the products being sold through iSK Pro Audio are the best iSK has to offer.

I currently own a 'Little Gem' and a 'Starlight'. Due to my work load I have not had the opportunity to give them their due as of yet, but I am working on it. Initial testing indicates that these microphones offer excellent value. Even based upon my very preliminary testing, I have every intention of acquiring at least one more 'Little Gem'. And I must say I am VERY intrigued by the '2B Beauty'---that could be a really nice addition to the mic locker. And finally, I am very, very much interested in the 'RSM-1' 'Fathead' clone---at just $79.00, it is the very best priced new ribbon mic one can buy---Nady make the 'RSM-5' for the same price, but the iSK 'RSM-1' also ships with a shock mount and a hard aluminum case. Sheesh! I do not know how they do it, but I am glad they do. I am thinking about two or four of the RSM-1 microphones--they will be mod-friendly and one can't own too many tricked out ribbon mics!