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Originally Posted by Chris Wilson View Post
This is a really good idea! I wonder how much it would have increased production cost to make the inputs customizable?
Accommodating every possible type of input may make the piece more widely accessible, but for many, it results in some unused buttons.
For example, the M905 has buttons to select between ADAT, S/PDIF, AES, and USB for digital inputs. I haven't even seen an ADAT recorder in about fifteen years and likewise have no use for S/PDIF.
Yeah it would be awesome. Perhaps it's a software update that may enable this? If so, that would be rad!! Especially in terms of customizing inputs.
With ADAT, here is the thing. Great companies like Apogee have ADAT Optical as in/out options. Check out Symphony, which is a great piece of gear. So the idea is to get Adat out from Apogee to M905, which is what I do. I may have a pair of channels assigned from my DAW into the Adat out. The remaining into the analog out. So I can do mix comparisons, especially if I have a reference track. However, imagine if both can be listened to concurrently, and individually, adat obviously having the cleanest signal path. I feel functions like this would be really useful.
If the customizable stuff are possible, Id benefit so much by running console out into analog in and then a pair of daw out into ADAT and then having them turned on at the same time to bring in a song being worked on, closer to a reference track or mix, which lots of mixing engineers go off, from producers's guide mixes etc.
In any event, its a super professional unit that just looks a part and does a great job.