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I been fortunate enough to have used each of these great mics. they all excel in certain areas. But if pushed and If I'd had to pick an absolute favorite it would be the 251.

The upper end sheen along with the warmth, body and huge openness of this mic is something I've haven't heard in any other mic. It just had this natural effortlessesnes and I find it sounds most like the source in the room while still imparting a euphonic hue. Almost how romantic lighting can make even a very accurate photo look better
Vocals and acoustic guitars are two of my favorite sources for this mic

The 67 has this great huge silky yet highly detailed midrange. Like its older brother the U47 it gets that larger than life intimate crooner thing going. Like the 251, it's a highly versatile mic and I love it on vocals guitars. If I had to pick one Neumann for everything I'd proabbaly pick the U67 it's an absolutely incredible mic for most sources

For many this is the male vocal mic and for good reason. I may decide on the 251 over this mic for vocals but it's rarely the case of better but usually just a matter of taste. To put it another way for big warm present in your face vocals nothing betters a good 47. I love it on vocals particularly make but find the mics freaquncy signature is often too pronounced for acoustic instruments that require a more natural perspective.

This mic has that big warm round vintage Neumann thing going in spades but it's smoother then say a 47 yet it's still highly intimate. Think Nora Jones Come away with me intamate yet so smooth.
This mic again can be ideal on certain voices and is lovely as room mics, most acoustic instruments

Beautiful shimmery top end similar to the 251 but a touch less muscular or should I say big and open. The 12 has this upper end lushness: detailed and sweet that can make it a beautiful match for female vocalists not to mention most acoustic instruments.

Anyway those are my little summaries of the big 5 let's hear yours
Good summaries. I wouldn't disagree with any of it. I might add that the C12 feels like a bright mic but it's more about it being less muscular below than actually being brighter I think.