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The dap kings are still around. Also they used an 8516 1" before the 8 track came in. Also Sharon jones uses the backing band. It's Sharon jones and the dap kings. Also the dap kings where Amy's backing band in New York. Also no samples where used. Fake strings or samples where used on her first album which pissed her off.
Tom Elmhirst specifically mentions adding samples to the tracks he mixed for AW.

"Elmhirst mixed "Rehab"; when he first received the multitrack of the song it was small, but Ronson then went to London to record strings, brass and percussion in one of Metropolis Studios's tracking rooms. After this was added, there were quite a few tracks. The song had a retro, 1960s soul, R&B feel, which is what the Dap-Kings specialise in, when it came to the mixing Elmhirst added a contemporary feel to it as well, while Ronson wanted to keep the mix sparse and not overproduced.[14]"

(from Wiki). He also mixed "Valerie"....I'm not talking about fake strings, I'm talking about bolstering the drums to make them work in a modern context. You'd struggle to hear the kick otherwise, it certainly wouldn't drive in the same way.