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I feel like when your business plan is to take people's money you won't be in business very long.

The "retro" market is a niche market of a dying market. If you have the funds to do it and love doing it then go for it. I'm just not sure you will have people knocking down your door to record to 4 or 8 tracks and a echo chamber when they can do the same thing with garage band and a reverb plugin.
That was tongue-cheek ... the implication I was retorting to was that modern bands can't play, which is not my experience, although obviously there have always been lame bands with a recording budget.

The thing is - they can't get anywhere near the same vibe with garage band and a reverb plugin.

I doubt that interest in the retro sound or studio method will die out - it will become rarer and more exotic and therefore attractive to those who can afford it. The more banal beats being churned out by wannabes with laptops, the more people will crave the organic sound of the real stuff.

I just think you might have to look beyond the build-it-and-they-will-come mentality. I think if it was a package deal exotic holiday to fullfill a bucket list desire, it might get solid bookings at a premium price.

I think having the digital suit as well, and being very smart about maximising the whole experience would round out the deal.

Done right - I could be tempted. But I would expect high end, well maintained gear. Basically Abbey Road with benefits, on a budget ... tall order?