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(I'm a brazilian girl and I do speak english, but I'm really sorry if I make any mistakes on technical terms and stuff)

So, I'm a huge fan of TRAP music, EDM, Chillstep and eletronic music in general. Lately I've been working on a DJ carreer but what I really wanna do is to produce eletronic music, specially trap.
Thing is: I'm kinda lost
I've been practicing and trying to learn all that I can about sound design, mixing, etc on my own. But, I think you guys know how hard that can be. So, if you can, please help me. I'd really love to have someone to guide me through this tough beginning.

What I wanna know is:
- How can I learn about sound design without taking any courses? (I live in Brazil's capital, Brasilia and we don't have much resources for that here)
- What kind of equipments I have to buy first?
- How can I understand more about the eletronic music scene and market?
- Any tips and help are very welcome
Thank you
First off, welcome to Gearslutz and the world of making electronic music.

Youtube is a great place to learn about sound design for free.

You really just need a computer, a DAW (Most people here recommend Reaper for its low cost) and some plugins. Native Instruments makes stuff that will work for you, though that'll be expensive. You'll also need headphones, a small interface, a mic, a stand, and a cable. You may also want a pop filter if you buy a condenser mic (I recommend that you do)

As for the market/scene, I recommend finding people that are successful and write to them. You'd be surprised, sometimes people write back. Most importantly, the scene in Brasil is going to be very different than America or the UK, so it's important that you find some people that are successful there and bother them until they notice you.

The most important thing when it comes to learning is to find a mentor. If you're in Rio, I'm sure there are many people making music, some will definitely be making electronic music. Just because you may not like the genre they're writing, you'll still learn a ton as all of this genre stuff is really just kind of marketing nonsense. Music is music when it comes down to it. Things like Trap may use fewer sounds and have more space than say Reggaton, but the underlying ideas on how to create the music is the same.